New Brand Seiko Printhead SPT 510 / 35PL IRH1513D-3322

Reference: seiko 510 35pl


Brand : Seiko

Part Number: SPT 510 / 35PL

Seiko SPT 510 / 35PL Printhead SPT 510

Product Condition: New


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Original Sei-ko IRH1513D-3322 For Sei-ko 510 35pl Print head Vutek QS3220 Printer head

SPT 510 printhead 35pl SPT510 print head for Seiko 510 35pl cabezal Fy union/Icontek

Original seiko SPT510 35pl print head large format solvent printers seiko 510 35pl 50pl

The Seiko SPT510 drop on demand piezo printhead is compatible with a wide-range of grand-format digital printers, including Infiniti printers FY 3206. Fully equipped with 510 active nozzles for high-resolution (720dpi) and high-speed (35 pl) printing and steel-plate protection for a longer life, this durable printhead lasts 4-5 times longer than many common128 printheads.

Specifications :

- Technology: Drop on demand Piezo Electric
- Active Nozzles: 510
- Native Resolution: 180 dpi
- Max Resolution: 720 dpi
- Drop Volume: 35 pl
- Firing Frequency: 6-8 Khz
- Linear Print Speed: 0.49 m/sec@360dpi
- Proprietary parrallel I/F: 30 pins

Printer Compatibility :Infiniti Challenger FY-3204H, Infiniti Challenger FY-3206G, Infiniti Challenger FY-3206S, Infiniti Challenger FY-3208G, Infiniti Challenger FY-3208H, Infiniti Challenger FY-3208HF, Infiniti Challenger FY-5008GS, Myjet 3208, Speedvision SpeedJet Pro 180, Speedvision SpeedJet Pro 250, Speedvision SpeedJet Pro 320, Zhongye SK-1604, ALE tc72, ALE PR72, VUTEk QS2000, VUTEk QS220, VUTEk QS3200, VUTEk QS3220, Icontek Orionjet-GZE1806S, Icontek TW-3306HZ, Icontek TW-3308HZ, Icontek TW-3304XS, Icontek TW-3308D, Icontek TW-3308X, Icontek TW-3308MS, Icontek TW-3308A, Gongzheng  GZHS-3204DS, Gongzheng  GZK-3206-AS, Gongzheng  GZK-3208-AS, Ataline UD-1806G, Ataline UD-2506G, CrystalJet 6000 Series, Azon AG 3200

seiko 510 35pl
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